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Selfie Surf is a single-device party game for Android, inspired by Telephone. Players start with a random word or phrase and then take a selfie-based on that word. They then hand the phone to the next player, who enters a word or phrase based on that selfie. They hand the phone to the next player, who takes another selfie until everyone has taken a turn. All players can now watch an animated sequence of everyone's pictures coupled with the words and see what's lost (or gained!) in translation. The game supports 4-16 players.

This game is an award winner taking second place in the IEEE game sig 2017 competition.

My roles on this team were a designer, programmer, and producer.

My design decisions were working on coming up with the base idea with the team to make a social party game about taking selfies and after that primarily on iterating upon this idea to make it the best game possible.  These decisions boiled down to making the gameplay funny and very easy to learn with a very simple set of instructions and UI.  This is because as a party game we wanted to be able to explain the rules in less than a minute and make the game, not about super accurate guesses but focus on making a group of friends laugh together.

For programming, I was in charge of creating the majority of the game using Unity and C# as my tools.  There was also a UI sound and graphics programmers on the team but I created all of the scripts required for running the core of the game.

For producing I scheduled group meetings for our team as well as decided which team members should work on which parts of the game based on their individual skills.  I also published the game both on the Google Play Store and iOS Store.

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