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Pan Fried Panic is a 2 VS 2 frantic cooking game in which the goal is to prepare food faster than the other team. This is accomplished through fast-paced minigames requiring the coordination of both players on your team to set up. The game currently features baking cakes and the first team to work together to bake three cakes the fastest wins.

My roles in this game were designer and programmer.

As a designer, I came up with the mechanics for minigames to keep things feeling fast frantic and fun.  I also helped design a kitchen seen to encourage frantic cooperation between you as a friend.  The basics of our game were a feeling of frantic pace as well as cooperation and all of my design decisions played into this.

As a programmer, I created the physics for how objects move around the screen and handle collisions.  I also created two of the minigames the oven game and the mixing game.  This involved writing some scripts to use unique phone mechanics such as detecting the difference between a tap and a swipe in a specific position and calling the vibration of the phone which was very interesting.  I coded this game in C# using the Unity game engine.

In addition, I  coordinated with a musician from outside our team to implement sound effects and music into our game and published on the Google Play Store.

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